Brooks School Crew Endowment Challenge!

To inspire the support needed to fully endow the Brooks School crew program, a lead donor has challenged the Brooks community to raise $1,500,000. This is an incredible opportunity to impact this program with your gift to this endowment. Join us! Make your gift today.

Peg plaques

We will display personalized plaques beneath the 94 pegs in the boathouse's two team rooms.
To secure a personalized plaque:

— Alumni who graduated within the past 10 years must donate $2,500 to the endowment.

— Alumni who graduated before 2013 must donate $5,000 to get a plaque.

Don't miss this great naming opportunity!

The impact of a crew endowment

Supporting an 80-person team requires a significant amount of funding. Assuming a 4% annual draw, a $1,500,000 crew endowment provides nearly $60,000 in vital funds for the annual operation of our expansive crew and waterfront program.

The crew endowment will support:

— Replenishment of crew shells on a 16-year cycle.

— Operating costs associated with our new boathouse, docks, boats, rowing tanks and equipment.

— Athletes hoping to participate in pre- and post-season travel opportunities, regardless of their financial circumstances. 

Thank you!

As one of our longest standing programs at Brooks, the endowment will provide stability and growth for the program. Thank you for your consideration.